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Questioning Christmatics
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Jacob's 70 Souls In Egypt
Ezekiel In Deep Water
Root Of David-Branch 1
Joseph‘s Stick-Branch 2
JUDAH‘s Stick-Branch 3
Ezekiel’s Two Sticks
Zorobabel In Deeper Water
God’s Signet Zorobabel
World Wide Water To Swim In
Hebrew And Greek Gematria


In order to explain what this is all about, I am offering you a free imaginary helicopter ride from the Garden of Eden, to the Shushan Palace in Iran. The Garden of Eden is where Adam and Eve bit the apple. The Shushan Palace is where the Persian King Ahasuerus chose Esther to become his new Queen after a serious spat with his prior Queen Vashti (Ref Esther 1:17 & 2:17). I visited the ruins of the Shushan Palace in the year 1978. I was then on a weekend off from my job that was headquartered about 80 miles South of Shush. There, thirteen crude oil based construction sites were in progress. I was the Over, Short, and Damages Head for the Ralph M. Parson Overseas Company in Ahwaz, Iran. Come fly with me now in the year 2009 to about 80 miles North of Ahwaz. We will land where Queen Esther was once a great blessing to King Ahasuerus. The time then was after the Babylonian Captivity and Scattering of the Jews according to our Holy Bible, with respect to St. Matthew 1:17. Here, have a couple ear plugs. Welcome Aboard! Swoosh----Swoosh----Swoosh--. Whip--Whip--Whip--. We are now leaving the place where Adam and Eve had covered their nakedness with leaves until God provided them with better coats. God must have killed an animal to get their fir coats. God promises the punishment of death for sin, you know. So God must have shed some blood in order to get them protective fir coats. Jesus would come later and provide Himself as God’s perfect sacrifice for our confessed and forsaken sins.
Please excuse the abrupt take off. But I have a long and complicated story to tell, and I don’t want to waste any of your time. We are now free to loosen our seatbelts.
The story goes like this. Before then, I used to work for the Ralph M. Construction Company as their Vendor Data Specialist at Prudhoe Bay, in Alaska. Prudhoe Bay is at the North End of the Alaska Oil Pipeline. The time then, was before the oil flowed South to Valdez. That was more than 30 years ago. I was then a member of a group of employees in a non-denominational Bible study group. The group later became the Prudhoe Bay Community Church.
Prior to the formation of that local church, I had become curious about St. Mathew 1:17. It reads QUOTE So all the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations, and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are 14 generations, and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are 14 generation. UNQUOTE. Why?
Guess what! There are 21 (3x7=21) generations listed between Adam and Abraham according to St. Luke chapter 3. Abraham was born at about the time of 2,000 B.C, and he was 100 years old when his promised son Isaac was born. Christmatics is about harmony in numbers in our Bible. They indicate that pre-incarnated Jesus must have planned to be the lamb of God to be slain for our sins since before the fall of Adam.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Those ten words have been translated from 28 Hebrew alphabets that compose the first 7 words of the Hebrew Torah. They are now the first 10 English words of our Old Testament Bible. In original Hebrew, those words were written with 14 alphabets in both halves of that 1st sentence. In Christmatics, there halves are startling because in Hebrew gematria, their 28 alphabets add up to 2701. 2701 is also the product of the multiplication of the 12th prime number (37) times the 21st prime number (73). With this in mind, Christmatics is taking a serious look into the 1st 7th prime verse of the New Testament : St. Matthew 1:17. It seems to be hinting that there is something numerical going on between the 1st 7 Hebrew words, and the number of generations listed in the New Testament Biblical genealogy of Jesus. Together, they imply that Jesus Christ (The Son In The True Trinitarian God Head) Is The True Messiah. He was slain as the Lamb Of God at the age of 33, and raised from the dead 3 days later.
Somewhere after the year 2,000 B.C., Abraham offered an obedient sacrifice to God. He shed the blood of 3each 3 year old animals having cut them each in half, and offered them on an altar to God together with 1 whole pigeon and 1 whole turtle dove. That was a blood covenant between he and God. That covenant is still in effect in our worldly current events.
The numbers that follow are with respect to Abraham’s blood covenant sacrifice.
3+3+3 each animal in half +1 whole pigeon +1 whole turtle dove +3+3+3 each animal in half = 20 pieces of flesh upon the altar. In the Old Testament Bible, Abraham is the 20th generation listed in the genealogy of Jesus. There, there were 9 generations prior to the great flood (3+3+3=9), and 9 again after the great flood. In the flood, Noah and his wife (the whole pigeon #010) and Noah’s 3 sons and their wives (the whole fertile turtle dove #011) parallel those 20 generations between Adam and Abraham.
But in the New Testament, Abraham is the 21st generation listed as per St. Luke 3:36 with Arphaxad #012 listed as being the father of Cainan #021. Cainan, the son of Arphaxad is not found in the Old Testament genealogy of Jesus. Accordingly, only in the New Testament are there 3 groups of 7 generations each between Adam and Abraham. The middle group of 7 there, begins with Methuselah spelled Mathusala (#008) in the New Testament (Ref St. Luke 3:37), and ends (Ref. Genesis 10:24) with Salah spelled Sala (#014) in the New Testament (Ref. St. Luke 3:35). Fasten your seatbelt : we are approaching the Shush Palace ruins.
Numbers go............1............2..........3..........4..........5..........6..........7..........8..........9
Triangle #’s go.......1.(+2=)..3.(+3=)6 (+4=)10(etc)15........21........28........36........45
Tetrahedral #’s go..1..(+3=).4.(+6=)10(+10=)20(etc)35.....56........84.......120.....165
The 7th prime # is 17............ (Ref . St. Matt 1:17 & Esther 1:17 & 2:17 noted above)
The 7th prime (17th) triangle # is 153 (Ref John 21:11 the disciples caught 153 fishes)
The 17th tetrahedral # is 969.(Ref. Methuselah’s death age 969, before the great flood)
The 12th prime # times the 21st prime # = 37 x 73 = 2701 = Gen. 1:1 in Hebrew Gematria.