THE BOOK - Conclusion
Questioning Christmatics
Israel In Shallow Water
Jacob's 70 Souls In Egypt
Ezekiel In Deep Water
Root Of David-Branch 1
Joseph‘s Stick-Branch 2
JUDAH‘s Stick-Branch 3
Ezekiel’s Two Sticks
Zorobabel In Deeper Water
God’s Signet Zorobabel
World Wide Water To Swim In
Hebrew And Greek Gematria


In the Biblical genealogy of JESUS, there is an Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel. It is that the number of generations named in St. Matthew chapter one, and St. Luke chapter three, are in Parallel with the numbers of the family members of the 1st family of Israel where their numbers had been recorded in the Old Testament. That was about when they moved into Egypt at the time of a 7 year long famine. JACOB’s son Joseph (Joseph with the coat of many colors) was living then in Egypt. He had been made chief over all of Egypt under Pharaoh.
When JACOB moved with his household of 66 souls into Egypt, 4 more of his descendants were already there. They were 1) Joseph with the coat of many colors, and his two sons 2) Ephraim and 3) Manasseh who were born to Joseph in Egypt, and Joseph’s younger brother 4) Benjamin. At that time, the whole household of the 1st family of Israel (JACOB’s descendants) numbered 70 souls (ref Genesis 46 : 26-27).
The composition of the 1st 7 Hebrew words of the Torah begins the Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel. The 28 Hebrew alphabets of that composition are divided into 2 groups of 14 alphabets each. Together, they make up the subject/predicate, and the object, of the sentence. In Hebrew gematria, those 28 alphabets total 2701. Similarly in Greek, the 6 alphabets the spell the name JESUS total 888. 2701 divided by 888 = 3.04166 paralleling the 3 branches of 33 generations each in the New Testament genealogy of JESUS keyed between JOSEPH #041 and Joseph #066 (JOSEPH 3.041xx/Joseph 3.0xx66). Christmatics indicates that JESUS is the True Messiah by way of Joseph’s #66 Stick, Branch 2, being in the middle of it all.
In Greek gematria, the word AMEN is written with alphabets that add up to 99.
Praise The Lord.
AMEN = 99