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Questioning Christmatics
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Q: Is Faith In Jesus Reasonable?
A: Yes
Q: Why?
A: Because history is the STORY of HIS Creation
Q.: What are you trying to say?
A: I mean to say that all of history is HIS STORY. In Bible stories, there are various numbers that are repeated in such a way that at first they seem not to be in any particular pattern. But WOW! They are amazingly synchronized.
Q: How did you become interested in Biblically synchronized numbers?
A: In my grade school experience, a teacher suggested that I should look for common denominators. I have since found the Bible to be full of many of them.
Q: Show me a good one.
A: One evening after work, I was reading St. Matthew 1:17. That was when I was working for the Ralph M. Parson Construction as their Vendor Data Specialist at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Prudhoe Bay is at the North end of the Alaska oil pipeline. That was before the oil began to flow South from there. In the evenings, several employees were having a group Bible study. While studying, I noticed common denominators. My curiosity about 3 groups of 14 generations between ABRAHAM, King DAVID, Babylonian Captivity, and Christ JESUS raised my eyebrows. Why should such a thing be recorded in the Holy Word Of God? What I soon learned was that there are 3 groups of 7 generations between ADAM and ABRAHAM. In fact the middle group of 7 generations there, includes the great flood between MATHUSALA, the 8th generation, and SALA, the 14th generation. NOAH #010 and his three sons all #011 together with their wives, are the 10th and 11th generations listed in the New Testament genealogy of Jesus. Someone in the Bible study group advised me to write it down as there seemed to be something to all of this You are reading results from his advice.
Q: OK, OK, so tell me more.
A: NOAH #010 was born about 3,000 B.C. according to Biblical history. JESUS #100 is indicated to be The Word Of GOD Made Flesh in God’s creation. JESUS, born of a virgin, is a cut above the rest of us. The numbers of years in our written history revolves about His time on earth as a human being. He lived among us for about 33 years. That was about 2,000 years ago. And since 1,000 years is but a day in God’s sight, in HIS STORY, that was about 2 days ago now. In Bible stories, numbers are wonderfully involved. For instance, look at the first 4,000 years of written Biblical history. Between the fall of ADAM #001 and the resurrection of JESUS at the age of 33, 4 key players were 1) NOAH #010, 2) ABRAHAM #021, and 4) King DAVID #034 who was the son of 3) JESSE #033.
Time:..4,000BC....*3,000BC...........**....2,000BC.....1,000BC***..JESUS #100
ADAM & Eve........*Birth of NOAH**.2300 BC Great Flood
Time...........ABRAHAM #021 about......2,000 BC
Time...........King DAVID #034 in his prime about.....1,000BC
Time...........Jewish Captivity/Scattering/Babylon about...700BC
Time Historical Centrally.............................................................BC.JESUS.AD.
Q: Why did you mention the age of JESUS being 33?
A: Because in the New Testament genealogy of JESUS, JESSE #033 is the 33rd generation listed after ADAM #001. JESSE was the father of King DAVID who is the 34th generation listed. King DAVID was in his prime about 1,000 BC. The root of DAVID ends with his father JESSE #033.
Q: How does the Bible expand numbers harmonically?
A: My best example is in the chapter “Ezekiel In Deep Waters”. It is about another Joseph who was given a coat of many colors by his father Jacob. Joseph at the age of 30 (like Jesus was at the age of 30 when He began His ministry) began his rule over all of Egypt under King Pharaoh. JACOB’s family was the 1st family of Israel. When JACOB moved his family into Egypt, the numbers of descendants of his two wives LEAH (33 souls) and RACHEL (14 souls) and of their handmaidens respectively Zilpah (16 souls) and Bilhah (7 souls) , are recorded. Their names are listed in Christmatics chapter “70 Souls In Egypt”. The numbers of them are in a Trinitarian parallel with the numbers of generations between ADAM #001 and JESSE #033 (33 generations). Note: additionally between ABRAHAM #021 and King DAVID’s son King Solomon #035 there are 14 generations. Kiing DAVID’s father JESSE #033 ends the ROOT OF DAVID. King DAVID’s two sons NATHAN and King Solomon begin two branches that conclude with the marriage of Joseph #066 to the virgin MARY #100, mother of Baby JESUS. JESUS #100 is netted 66 generations after ADAM #001 when the split genealogy after King DAVID is named, numbered, and averaged out.
Q: Are you sure?
A; Yes. This is why the 70 names of JACOB’s descendants are painstakingly listed in this document. When I was reading through the Bible the first time, I was tempted to skip over all of the names in the genealogies. Painstakingly, I read each name. By the time that was over, it dawned on me that any one generation had not lived long enough to see very much of HIS STORY. So It is good for us to take a good long look at what this is all about. Look for the chapter “JACOB’s 70 Souls In Egypt”. See how they match the numbers of 66 generations netted between ADAM #001 and Christ JESUS #100. It is like looking at sparkling sunshine upon waters to swim in. The first 3 groups of 7 generations each are between ADAM #001 and ENOCH #007, MATHUSALA #008 and SALA #014, and HEBER #015 and ABRAHAM #021. Next, there are 3 groups of 14 generations each between ABRAHAM #021, King DAVID #034, Babylonian Scattering (ZoRoBaBeL opt #So50/ opt #No50), and Christ JESUS #100.
Q: So how do LEAH’s 33, Zilpah’s 16, RACHEL’s 14, and Bilhah’s 7, fit?
A: On one hand, all of the 66 generations netted between ADAM #001 and Christ JESUS #100 match the numbers of the family members of LEAH’s household of 33 and 16 as follows. There are 33 generations before King DAVID, and there are two branches that average 33 generations each between King DAVID #034 and Christ JESUS #100, split into two branches. Half of 33 is 16.5. On the other hand, all the generations numbered between ADAM #001 and Christ JESUS #100 match the numbered family members of RACHEL’s household of 7 and 14, keyed time wise to 2,000 BC. That was about when ABRAHAM was born. There are 3 groups of 7 generations before ABRAHAM matching Bilhah‘s 7 three ways, and there are 3 groups of 14 generations after ABRAHAM matching RACHEL’s 14 in harmony with the 3 groups of 14 generations noted in St. Matthew 1:17.
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