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Israel In Shallow Water
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The family of JACOB was the 1st family of Israel. JACOB was the father of Joseph with the coat of many colors. Joseph was despised by his 11 brothers. They took his coat, and threw him into a pit. They later sold Joseph to a caravan that was going to Egypt. They stained his coat with blood, and presented it to their father Jacob. JACOB believed that Joseph had been killed by some wild beast.
In Egypt, Joseph was called upon by Pharaoh to interpret a couple of dreams of Pharaoh that none of Pharaoh’s wise men could give any meaning to. Joseph’s interpretation of the dreams was that in the future there would be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. Pharaoh was so pleased with the interpretation that he made Joseph to be the ruler under himself, over all of Egypt in order to prepare for the famine.
In the 2nd year of the famine that came, JACOB sent his sons to Egypt to buy some of the grain that Joseph had stored up. They did not know then that Joseph was the ruler over all of it. After they found out, Joseph obtained permission from Pharaoh to have Israel come and live in Egypt because of the famine.
When JACOB (Israel) moved into Egypt, only 66 of his 70 descendants of his two wives LEAH (33 souls) and her handmaiden Zilpah (16 souls) and RACHEL (14 souls) and her handmaiden Bilhah (7 souls) were in that caravan. The 33 + 16 + 14 + 7 children and grandkids of Jacob here total 70 descendants. Note that all the descendants of JACOB numbered 70 souls at that time. But 4 of the 14 descendants of RACHEL were already in Egypt. Those 4 were 1) the brother of Joseph named Benjamin, and 2) Joseph in Egypt together with his two sons born there : named 3) Ephraim and & 4) Manasseh.
The number (66) of descendants of JACOB (in the 1st family of Israel) that moved with JACOB into Egypt are in an Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel with the numbers of generations listed in the New Testament genealogy of JESUS. In the genealogy of JESUS there are 3 branches that average 33 generations each. There are 33 generations in the Root Of DAVID, and beginning with King DAVID‘s two sons NATHAN and King Solomon, the genealogy splits into two branches that average 33 generations each before JESUS was born. JESUS was crucified at the age of 33, and arose from the grave 3 days later. In order to reveal the Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel, the numbers of generations in the genealogy of JESUS are numbered between ADAM #001 and NOAH #010 and JESUS #100 in detail. So are the names of all of the 70 descendants of JACOB. The generations numbered in Christmatics are named in the New Testament Bible in St. Matthew chapter one and St. Luke chapter three combined. The generations are grouped into 3 groups of 33 generations each. The 3 groups are called 1) “The Root Of DAVID”, Branch 1, 2) “Joseph’s Stick” Branch 2, and 3) “JUDAH’s Stick”, Branch 3. Branch Two lists King Solomon’s descendants in lower case alphabets in order to separate them from the descendants of his brother NATHAN. The reason for preferring NATHAN’S descendants with upper case alphabets is because of a curse upon King Jehoiakim who was one of King Solomon’s descendants. (In all chapters, look for the names in King Solomon’s descendants to be typed with lower case lettering).
In the Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel, there are 3 groups of 14 generations noted in St. Matthew 1:17. They are noted as being between ABRAHAM, King DAVID, The Babylonian Captivity/Scattering, and Christ JESUS. RACHEL’s family of 14 souls foreshadows them in the Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel.
Amazingly, between ADAM and ABRAHAM, there are 3 groups of 7 generations listed in the New Testament Bible. They are 1) ADAM #001 - ENOCH #007, 2) MATHUSALA #008 - SALA #014, and 3) HEBER #015 - ABRAHAM #021. RACHEL’s handmaiden Bilhah’s family of 7 souls foreshadows them in the Trinitarian Parallel.
The Root Of DAVID between ADAM and King DAVID has 33 generations listed. It is the 1st of 3 Parallels of LEAH’s household of 33 souls. The other 2 ways are with the listed and numbered descendants of King DAVID’s two sons, 1) King Solomon, and his brother 2) NATHAN. They average 33 generations each.
This paragraph is to note Christmatics preferred optional numbering after the two brothers, sons of King DAVID namely King Solomon and NATHAN.. LEAH’s handmaiden Zilpah’s household numbers 16 sons including one sister named SARAH. Half of 33 is 16.5. In the Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel, King DAVID’s descendants are split into two branches. The net number of generations between ADAM #001 and JESUS #100 is 66 like there are 66 Books In The Holy Bible. There are 27 Books in the New Testament like there are 27 generations listed in King Solomon’s descendants of King DAVID’s split genealogy. There are 39 Books in the Old Testament like there are 39 generations named partly in Joseph’s #066’s Stick, Branch 2, but mostly in JUDAH’s #067’s Stick, Branch 3. Nathan himself is understood to be the brother of King Solomon in the 35th generation listed. Brothers in the same generation are counted for only one generation. Christmatics calls the two branches beginning with King DAVID #034 1) Joseph’s (#066) Stick, Branch 2, and 2) JUDAH’S #067’s (opt. #042) Stick, Branch 3, using preferred JUDAH opt #067. Here, Christmatics is attempting to explain the central averaged point in King DAVID’s split descendants as being between JOSEPH #041 (not JOSEPH #066 at the end of Joseph’s #066 Stick, Branch 2) and his son JUDAH #067 who begins JUDAH’s #067’s Stick, Branch 3). Joseph’s #066’s Stick, Branch 2 begins with King DAVID #034 and counts King Solomon #035 next, but then skips over (his brother) NATHAN (also #035). Then only the first six descendants of NATHAN are counted beginning with MATTATHA #036, and ending 5 generations later with JOSEPH #041. Next in Joseph’s (#066’s) Stick Branch 2, all of the remaining descendants of King Solomon are listed beginning with Roboam #042. Joseph’s #066’s Stick Branch 2 ends with the husband of the Virgin Mary #100 namely Joseph #066. In branch 2, JOSEPH #041 was the father of JUDAH #067 ( Judah optional #042 : preferred #067 who begins JUDAH’s Stick, Branch 3).
The middle group of 7 generations between ADAM #001 and ABRAHAM #021 lists the generations beginning with MATH-U-SALA #008, and ending with SALA #014. The great flood was in the middle of that group. ABRAHAM’s sacrifice of 3 each 3 year old animals each cut in half, and a pigeon and a turtle dove both whole, foreshadows the Immaculate Trinitarian Parallel. Between Adam and Abraham, (the whole pigeon being Noah) NOAH #010 and his (the whole fertile turtle dove being his three sons) sons SHEM #011, Ham #011, and Japheth #011 who were all saved from the waters of the great flood together with their wives. AMEN.
AMEN = 99